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If you know me, you know that I'm not about quick fixes, I'm about sustainable and adaptable lifestyle changes that offer deep transformation. I pride myself in creating content and coaching experiences that can truly help you to change your life.

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The hard part can be choosing the right path for you.

That is why I have put together this handy guide of how to navigate through the different areas of expertise and decide what sort of learning experience will work best for you.

If you still aren't sure, then drop me an email here or a message on my business WhatsApp and I'll help you as best I can.

Or, you can simply browse through all of my offerings below and pick what resonates

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Women's Wellbeing : General Health & Holistic Habits

This is perfect for the busy mums or working professionals who feel like they have prioritised everything else beside themselves. You may feel like your health basics are out the window and you feel a bit overwhelmed with where to start or what is the "right" thing to focus on.

My Women's Wellness Coaching & Courses are designed with a holistic and realistic approach in mind. I cut through the noise and give you simple, actionable steps to help you feel good and get back into your rhythm.


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Workouts & Yoga : Move to Feel Good

Are you ready to begin a health and fitness journey tailored specifically to your needs and goals?

Do you know that you want to moving more and getting stronger but don't know where to start?

I run a number of yoga and workout classes in-person and online, which are great ways to get to know me and my style.

My personalised Workout programmes and my 1:1 Personal Training are great ways to take your training to the next level.


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Fertility & Cycle Tracking : Menstrual Health  Education

This is for the women and people who menstruate who want to take their body literacy to the next level. So you've read the instagram posts and have started using a predictive period tracking app, but now you want to deepen your skills to have a better understanding of what is going on in your body and/or your fertility.

This is a more advanced approach to Cycle Tracking that teaches you the Science behind our physiology, our hormones, our fertility, and our menstrual cycle health.

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Bumps & Babies: Pregnancy/ Postnatal Training

This is for the mamas-to-be who are looking for science-backed and supportive space where they can continue to train and stay active during their pregnancy. It's also for the new mums who want to regain their strength post-birth and move to feel good.

I offer online and in-person group Pre/Postnatal classes and will be launching self-paced and at-home resources and recordings that are perfect for fitting in when you can.                                                          

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Cyclical Living: Meditation & Mindful Menstruation

This is for the women who are looking to start or deepen their spiritual practice. It incorporates practical tips about how to incorporate ceremony and Sacred space into your life.

Receive guidance and education about how to use menstrual cycle awareness, lunar cycles and the celtic calendar as a spiritual practice to deepen your connection to your intuition, your authentic authority and the world around you.                                                                                                                                                      

Start your Mindful Menstruation & Meditation Practice

Choose Your Learning Style

I've created resources that will meet you wherever you are in your learning journey.

Freebie Lover - Bonus Goodies

If you appreciate free education and bonus materials, this option is perfect for you. Test the waters and see if I'm the right fit.

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Dabbler - Once-Off Workshops

For those who want to learn more but can't commit to consistent practice. Enjoy the flexibility to prioritize this aspect of yourself as you see fit.

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DIY Diva - Self-Paced Courses

Ideal for those who prefer to work through information at their own pace. Detail-oriented and self-led individuals who value flexibility.

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Community Queen - Group Programmes

Ready to take your cyclical self-care and wellbeing practices to the next level? Join like-minded women in a group setting and learn in a supportive environment.

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              Seeker - 1:1 Coaching                                         

Whether you need accountability or seek personalised mentorship to level up, this option provides 1:1 guidance and support to help you reach your spiritual and health goals.

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Check out my podcast, The Science & The Sacred.

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