Fertility and Cycle Tracking

Become empowered in truly understanding what your fifth vital sign is telling you. Whether to better understand your health or to support your fertility journey, becoming skilled in Fertility-Awareness will educate you about your body and more.

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1:1 Personalised Fertility Coaching Packages


For a highly personalised approach to fertility and cycle tracking, you can opt for one-on-one guidance.

I'll work closely with you to develop a detailed health record, enhancing your body literacy and helping you prepare for conception if desired.

360 Health Assessment


This is a single 90min Consultation Call with me to kick-start your made-for-you Workout/Wellness Programme or your bespoke 1:1 Coaching Package.

During this call, we will discuss:

  • Your movement goals
  • Your wellness goals
  • Your menstrual health goals
  • Where you are right now
  • You work schedule & routine
  • Any blocks or challenges you are facing

Together we will decide what the best next step is for you.

This initial assessment call acts as a deposit for the 3 Month Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching/Fertility Awareness Package or gives you 25% off your first 8 Week Programme.

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1:1 Bespoke Coaching Package 

‚ā¨360 x 3 months (Total: ‚ā¨1,080)

This is a 3 Month Bespoke Personalised Coaching Package to help you achieve your goals. 

As part of this package you get: 

  • 6 x 1 hour 1:1 Coaching Calls,
  • Weekly WhatsApp Support,
  • Personalised coaching plan each month,
  • Bonus supporting resources and toolkits,
  • Discounted access to specific Mini-Courses & Memberships as needed.

Bonus: Included in this Package is access to my Habit Planners, Women's Wellness & Wellbeing Workshops, and my 3 Toolkits - Workout Toolkit, Track Your Cycle Toolkit, Better Basics & Batch Cooking Toolkit.

Let's work together to make your wellness dreams a reality.

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Track Your Cycle


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Track Your Cycle Toolkit


This mini-course will help you to understand the basics of your Menstrual Cycle Health. 

Become at ease and connected to your body by learning how to track your cycle, nourish your body through nutrition & movement, and live in sync with your menstrual cycle.


Fertility-Awareness Basics


This course will help you to understand your cycle in more depth. We will dive deeper into the physiology of our reproductive system, how to identify our fertile period, and how to accurately track you cervical mucus, hormones, BBT and menstruation.

Coming 2024

Note: This is educational content on to build a health record through cycle-tracking or for pre-conception and is not sufficient for FAM-based contraception.


Fertility-Awareness Basics

Coming 2024

Coming 2024

Cycle Tracking & Fertility Mini-Courses

Perfect for the woman who wants to form a deep relationship with her cycle and learn to nourish and support it.

Mindful Menstruation - Mini-Course

This self-paced mini-course is your gateway to discovering the incredible tool of self-discovery that lies within your menstrual cycle.

You will find a unique blend of education, yoga and meditation that will change the way you view your Inner Seasons and Menstrual Cycle.


What You Get:

  • An Introduction To Menstruation Cycle Awareness - an overview of it's history and it's power,
  • Learn about your Inner Seasons, The Via Negativa & Positiva and how to work with these transformative energies,
  • Self-Care Strategies and Reflection Exercises for Each Season,
  • Yoga & Meditation videos for Each Inner Season & Menstrual Cycle Phase.¬†







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Nourish Your Cycle - Women's Wellness Day Retreat

Learn about The Four Pillars of Women's Wellbeing through these short educational videos and self-reflection exercises 

Dive into topics around:

  • Tracking Your Cycle:¬†Understand¬†how¬†your hormones change across our lives, and why cycle tracking is so important.
  • Nourishing Your Body: Understand the basics of good nutrition and how to fuel your body.
  • Moving Your Body:¬†Learn how¬†to managing training intensity and load in the best way to support your hormones.
  • Soothing Your Soul:¬†Embracing the core concepts of stress management, central nervous system regulation and prioritising your mental health.

Bonus Videos:

As this content was originally designed as a virtual day retreat, so you will get access to the original meditation, workout & restorative yoga sessions so that you can relive the experience and embody what you have learnt.


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Love Your Cycle - Self-Care & Wellness Bundle

This is a cycle self-care bundle designed specifically to give you the tools to connect with and love your cycle, as well empower you with education and lifestyle tips to nourish and support your menstrual cycle health.

The Bundle includes two of my products - The Mindful Menstruation Mini-Course and the Nourish Your Cycle Women's Wellness Day Retreat.

With the Nourish Your Cycle - Women's Wellness Day Retreat you will:

- Learn about The Four Pillars of Women's Wellbeing through these short educational videos and bonus meditation, workout & restorative yoga session and dive into topics around:


The Mindful Menstruation course looks at how we can how to live more in sync with our cycles and the natural rhythms of the world and includes yoga and meditation sessions, which are catered to the "seasons" of our bodie.



(Save ‚ā¨72.50!)

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