My Ethos & Approach to Work

Where Science Meets The Sacred 

My Ethos: Blending the Science and the Sacred


My whole ethos is about balance.

It is about blending the science with the sacred, the Masculine with the Feminine, the yang with the yin, the doing with the being....the list goes on!


I believe in finding the sweet spot between The Science and The Sacred, crafting a balanced and holistic approach to support women on their journey to wellbeing. I recognise that true empowerment comes from understanding and embracing the intersection of the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of life.

I don't believe that "health" is one thing or that "wellness" looks one way or that there is "one answer" to everything. I believe that healing ourselves is a holistic, slightly chaotic, cyclical process. 

So my approach is one of balance, of cycles, and of giving YOU the tools to truly know and nourish yourself.

Because that is what you need and what you deserve!


My Approach: The Four Pillars of Women's Wellbeing


My approach is built upon The Four Pillars of Women's Wellbeing:

  • Track Your Cycle
  • Nourish Your Body
  • Move Your Body
  • Soothe Your Soul

These pillars are the foundation of my coaching and educational resources. They are the cornerstone to helping women learn to work with their bodies, not against them.

Track your Cycle

I advocate for body literacy and menstrual cycle health as essential tools for female empowerment. Understanding your body's natural rhythms and the wisdom of your menstrual cycle empowers you to make informed choices about your health and life. When we learn to understand our fifth vital sign, we can shift our perspective and reframe our cycles as a superpower.

Nourish Your Body

I stand firmly against restrictive diet culture. Instead, I advocate for a flexible, healthy, and nurturing relationship with food. I emphasise the importance of nourishing your body through understanding nutrition basics, a balanced approach to eating that incorporates flexibility, and embracing the multitude of ways that food can nourish us.

Move Your Body

Movement is not about overtraining or striving for perfection. I encourage daily movement, with a blend of intensities that keep you strong and resilient but avoid you burning-out. My approach encourages you to listen to your body, engaging in activities that support your physical and emotional wellbeing in a way that is fun, accessible and fits into your life.

Soothe Your Soul

Stress management, self-care, and spirituality are at the heart of my approach. I believe that it is the missing piece for a lot of us in our always-on culture. Through my work, I guide you to regulate your central nervous system, connect with your intuition, and harmonise with the natural world. It's about nurturing your soul as you navigate life's journey.

In my mind, these 4 Pillars are the foundations of:

  • Feeling good
  • Future fertility
  • Flourishing in day-to-day life
  • Future-proofing your body
  • Finding balance

My Values

I am committed to helping you achieve holistic wellbeing and empowerment. My values are cornerstones of my mission and ways of working to guide you on your path to greater balance and vitality. 

Want to learn more about how my Four Pillars can help you adopt healthy habits and sustainable lifestyle changes to feel more balanced, nourished and free of all-or-nothing approach to health?

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