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Workplace Wellness

Welcome to my Corporate Wellbeing Workshops and Yoga Classes 

I specialise in corporate wellbeing talks and classes that promote a more balanced workplace, empower women and help employees feel resilient and nourished.

With my unique blend of scientific and holistic knowledge, I offer a transformative experience that combines the best of both worlds.

As a former corporate employee myself, I know first-hand the challenges that employees face in the workplace, including stress, burnout, and women’s health challenges.

That's why I'm delighted to offer my Corporate Wellness Services, providing self-care tips, movement and education to help your team manage their stress and  improve their wellbeing.


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Corporate Wellness Talks 

My two flagship corporate wellbeing talks are ‘Breathing for Stress Management’  and ‘Women’s Wellbeing in the Workplace’. 

These talks can be delivered online or in-person, depending on whether you have a fully remote, flexible or traditional office-based team.

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Workplace Yoga & Workouts

I offer a number of online and in-person online classes for corporate and workplace settings. Practice what you preach and help your employees prioritise their health and wellbeing through theses weekly, fortnightly or monthly movement classes. 

 Choose from:

  • Yoga Classes
  • Restorative Yoga & Meditation
  • Bodyweight Workouts
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Bespoke Corporate Packages

I also offer bespoke packages for workplaces based on their unique needs. This can include a mix of theory and practice and can range from an hour, to an afternoon, to an offsite to a corporate programme over a number of weeks.

You can choose from a range of topics such as

  • Self-care tips for resilience and stress management,
  • Women’s health in the workplace,
  • Understanding the creative cycle,
  • Harnessing your cyclical superpowers,
  • Nutrition and lifestyle for a healthier workforce.

These can also be mixed with in-person or online classes:

  • Yin Yoga & Yoga Flow
  • Inclusive & Adaptable Workouts
  • Meditation & Breathwork
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Breathing for Stress Management

This is one of my most popular talks. It  is a supportive and practical workshop that teaches breathing exercises to manage stress, calm the nervous system, and prevent burnout.

This talk is for all employees, regardless of gender, and provides valuable tools to improve resilience and self-care whilst in the workplace. 

How long is it?

I recommend that this talk is between 45 - 60mins long and is perfect for a Lunch & Learn Session or to mark one of the many Workplace Wellbeing Days throughout the year.

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We begin by focusing on understanding the science behind why we feel stressed and how we can respond to stressful situations.

We then apply this newfound understanding in a practical situation as I guide your team through some simple, easy to use breathing exercises that can both calm and elevate our mood.


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Sinead brought her expertise and energy into to a breathing workshop as part of our company’s continuous professional development (CPD) program.

The workshop was as insightful and interactive as it was profesional and our team thoroughly enjoyed it. I’d happily recommend Sinead to deliver the workshop to anyone as there is techniques which I think everyone can take something from.:”

Conor - FFS Gyms

Women's Wellness in the Workplace

This empowering talk is tailored specifically to women/AFAB individuals in the workplace but can be delivered with open-to-all educational piece ensuring that people who menstruate/women are supported across the entire organisation.

I believe that we should all have a solid understanding of menstrual cycles and women's health in the workplace, hence why I recommend running this talk as a two-part workshop, with the first part being a open-to-all educational component and the second being an interactive educational session specifically for your female/AFAB employees. 

How long is it?

I recommend that this talk is between 45 - 90 mins long, depending on whether you go for just the educational component or if you opt for the two-part workshop. It can also be extended out to transform into an off-site event or International Women’s Day keynote event.

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I strongly believe that understanding menstrual cycles and women's health is essential in creating a more inclusive and supportive workplace. To this end, I recommend running this workshop in two parts; an open-to-all educational component in the first session, followed by an interactive educational session specifically for female and AFAB employees in the second. 

By providing this comprehensive training, you can empower your female and AFAB employees with the knowledge and tools they need to prioritise their health, in addition to making your workplace more inclusive, ensuring that all employees feel supported and valued.

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“Sinead joined our Women@Google Ireland coffee morning and delivered a really informative presentation on women's health & wellbeing, as part of her "Work With Your Cycle" workshop.

Feedback from all participants was very positive on the content enriching their understanding and importance of working with your cycle, as well as having valuable dedicated time for Q&A and discussion. Would highly recommend the workshop, personally and professionally. Thank you Sinead!”

Ute Murphy - Women@Google


"Sinead joined us as part of our mental health awareness week programme to talk to our team about womens health and cyclical living, and it was awesome!

The talk was really detailed and insightful and we received such fantastic feedback from the team. Sinead was fantastic to work with, and always responded enthusiastically to any queries that came up even after the session.

Fully recommend!" 

Janet Lavelle - Ecko

Healthy Habits for Success

Are you looking for an educational and practical talk for you employees that will set them up for success?

Look no further than my talk on "Healthy Habits for Life: A Guide to Self-Care and Success for Employees".

In this talk, I'll cover my 4 Pillars of Wellbeing: 

  • Movement
  • Nutrition
  • Stress Management
  • Women's Health

I'll provide your employees with essential information on the importance of nourishing their bodies with nutritious food, the benefits of movement and exercise for overall wellbeing, and simple strategies for stress-management. 

I'll also cover the basics of Menstrual Cycle Health and Women's Health to help educate everyone in your workforce about how this can impact their or their colleagues mental and physical health.

How long is it?

I recommend that this talk is between 45 - 90 mins long, depending on whether you go for just the educational component or if you opt for the two-part workshop. 


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"It’s clear that Sinéad is really passionate about helping people, changing mindsets and making the basics of eating, exercising, managing stress, cycle tracking easier for people."



“Working with Sinead has made such a huge difference to my life. She is so knowledgeable about women's health, food, nutrition, and so much more.

She explains everything so well and ensures that you understand. When working with her I felt completely at ease and she creates such a warm environment that makes it so easy to share."



"My attitude and mindset towards food has completely changed, how I view food and nourish myself has changed for the better. Fully recommend!"

I no longer see exercise as a chore and something to just “get done” and I’ve now found 2 forms of exercise that I genuinely enjoy.  I’m now a lot more mindful about my day and even do some mindful grounding." 


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