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Workplace Wellness

As a former corporate employee myself, I know first-hand the challenges that employees face in the workplace, including stress, burnout, and women’s health challenges.

That's why I've created two Corporate Wellbeing talks that address these difficulties, providing self-care tips and education to help your team manage their stress, improve their wellbeing, and embrace their cyclical superpowers.

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Corporate Wellbeing Talks 

Bespoke Corporate Packages

My two flagship corporate wellbeing talks are ‘Breathing for Stress Management’  and ‘Women’s Wellbeing in the Workplace’. 

These talks can be delivered online or in-person, depending on whether you have a fully remote, flexible or traditional office-based team.

I also offer bespoke packages for workplaces based on their unique needs. This can include a mix of theory and practice and can range from an hour, to an afternoon, to an offsite to a corporate programme over a number of weeks.

You can choose from a range of topics such as 

  • Self-care tips for resilience and stress management,

  • Women’s health in the workplace,

  • Understanding the creative cycle,

  • Harnessing your cyclical superpowers,

  • Nutrition and lifestyle for a healthier workforce.

These can also be mixed with in-person or online classes:

  • Yin Yoga & Yoga Flow

  • Inclusive & Adaptable Workouts

  • Meditation & Breathwork

Healthy Habits Seminar for Students and Athletes

In my Healthy Habits seminars, I'll guide you through my 4 Pillars of Women's Wellbeing: Move Your Body, Nourish Your Body, Track Your Cycle, and Soothe Your Soul.

My talks are designed to equip your students or athletes with the knowledge and skills they need to support their menstrual cycle health, nourish their bodies, balance their bodies through movement and exercise, and support their mental health.

Empower the future generation with the tools they need to flourish and prioritise their health and wellbeing.

Contact me today to book a talk for your school or sports team.

Empower your students with Healthy Habits 

Are you looking for an educational and empowering talk for your Transition Year and Senior Cycle female students?

Look no further than my talk on "Healthy Habits for Life: A Guide to Menstrual Cycle Health and Wellness for Young Women".

In this talk, I'll cover my 4 Pillars of Women's Wellbeing: Move Your Body, Nourish Your Body, Track Your Cycle, and Soothe Your Soul.

I'll provide your students with essential information on menstrual cycle health, including how to track their cycles, the importance of nourishing their bodies with nutritious food, the benefits of movement and exercise for overall wellbeing, and introduce cyclical self-care strategies.

Support your staff

As an add-on to my talk, I also offer a shorter 40-50 minute talk for your female teachers and staff during their lunch break.

This talk will provide your teachers with the same essential information and strategies for supporting their own health and wellbeing, ensuring that they can lead by example and provide your female students with the support they need.

““Sinead goes through the four phases of the menstrual cycle and explains what’s going on with their bodies during each phase. Sinead is passionate about this topic and I felt the talk was empowering for every girl in the room. I would highly recommend Sinead & only wish I was armed with the knowledge she gave our students as a teenager myself!!!”

Niamh O’Hare - Head of Physical Education, Sutton Park School

“Sinead was a breath of fresh air in our school. She spoke to 6th year students and, separately, teachers, and both groups absolutely loved her. The information she gave was clear and so interesting, she has definitely helped a lot of people of all ages by coming to us to talk to us.”

K - Senior Cycle Coordinator

How long is it?

This is a 75min-90min seminar.

I recommend this time, as I find it best to include journalling prompts and time for Q&A at the end, ensuring that your students leave the talk feeling informed and empowered.

By providing them with this knowledge, they'll be better equipped to take control of their health and wellbeing both now and in the future.

Bookings are now open for 2023 - 2024 School Year

I believe in equipping the younger generation the tools and language to understand their menstrual cycle health, nourish their bodies and fuel their activities and day-to-day lives.

So why not book my talk on "Healthy Habits for Life: A Guide to Menstrual Cycle Health and Wellness for Young Women" today? You'll be providing your female students with valuable knowledge and empowering them to take control of their health and wellbeing.

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Healthy Habits for Female Athletes

Are you looking to enhance your or your athletes’ health and performance on and off the field?

Then why not check out my talk on "Work With Your Body: A Guide to Menstrual Cycle Health and Wellness for Female Athletes".

In this talk, I'll cover the same Four Pillars of Women's Wellbeing: Move Your Body, Nourish Your Body, Track Your Cycle, and Soothe Your Soul.

However, I'll tailor the information to meet the specific needs and considerations of female athletes like you.

  • Managing your Training Load

  • The Impact of RED-S and LEA (underfueling)

  • Tracking your Menstrual Cycle

  • Understanding Menstrual Health & Managing Symptoms

Tell me more…

I'll delve into topics such as the importance of understanding menstrual cycle health, strategies for managing symptoms during training and competition, and the importance of proper nutrition for peak performance.

I'll also explore the the impact of overtraining and underfuelling on athlete health and performance and provide practical tips for supporting your self-care and managing stress load outside of your sport.

As an add-on to my talk, I also offer a guided yoga class and meditation that embodies all phases of the menstrual cycle. This yoga flow is for the athletes and provides a unique opportunity for you and your team to connect with your bodies and gain a deeper understanding of your menstrual cycle.

We'll also set aside time for Q&A and conversation around the practicalities of symptom management and women's health.

How long is it?

I recommend that this talk is between 60-90 mins long depending on your team's availability.

It is a great substitute for an evening training session or as part of weekend wellbeing event for your team.

“A super set of webinars that helped enhance my knowledge around female health & performance. Lots of detail & application shared with us, which was easy to understand and apply to my own training.”

Jemma Jackson - Belvedere Women’s Club Player & Co-Founder of Arise Fitness Gym

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Breathing for Stress Management

This is one of my most popular talks. It  is a supportive and practical workshop that teaches breathing exercises to manage stress, calm the nervous system, and prevent burnout.

This talk is for all employees, regardless of gender, and provides valuable tools to improve resilience and self-care whilst in the workplace. 

How long is it?

I recommend that this talk is between 45 - 60mins long and is perfect for a Lunch & Learn Session or to mark one of the many Workplace Wellbeing Days throughout the year.

Tell me more…

We begin by focusing on understanding the science behind why we feel stressed and how we can respond to stressful situations.

We then apply this newfound understanding in a practical situation as I guide your team through some simple, easy to use breathing exercises that can both calm and elevate our mood.



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Sinead brought her expertise and energy into to a breathing workshop as part of our company’s continuous professional development (CPD) program.

The workshop was as insightful and interactive as it was profesional and our team thoroughly enjoyed it. I’d happily recommend Sinead to deliver the workshop to anyone as there is techniques which I think everyone can take something from.:”

Conor - FFS Gyms

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