Workouts & Yoga Training

Are you ready to begin a health and fitness journey tailored specifically to your needs and goals?

Do you know that you want to moving more and getting stronger but don't know where to start?

I run a number of yoga and workout classes in-person and online, which are great ways to get to know me and my style.

My personalised workout programmes and wellness plans are also an excellent first step in making long-lasting lifestyle changes to improve your mood, vitality and health/

Looking for something more supportive, with either 1:1 or Group Coaching? Then check out the options below or drop me a message on my Business WhatsApp


In-Person Classes & Personal Training

Mondays @Breathing Space - D8

I run two classes on a Monday evening in Breathing Space Studio, Cork Street.

Monday 6:15pm - Functional Strength & Fitness

This is a total body workout that focuses on building strength and fitness for every day life. It's fun, it's friendly  and it will get you fit!

 Monday 7:15pm - Hatha Flow

 This is slow flow class that focuses on opening up the body, using our breath to move into and through poses to create more space and strength. By gently flowing and holding poses to build up some heat in the body, we finish with soothing yin poses and mediation.

I also run Pregnancy & Postnatal Strength Courses and Cacao Ceremonies, so keep an eye out.       


Check out the Titmetable

Coming 2024 @ Reformation - Ranelagh

Starting in January 2024, I'll be running two classes on Thursdays in in Ranelagh.

Thursday @9:30am - Vinyasa Flow

This is a juicy vinyasa flow that gets you set up for the day ahead. With a mix of vinyasa-style yoga, great tunes and mobility exercises you'll be leave the studio feeling nicely challenged with a smile on your face.

Thursday @11:00am - Postnatal Strength & Mobility

This Mum & Baby class is specially designed for mums to help them get back to feeling strong and connect to their bodies. With a mix of pelvic floor, bodyweight, resistance and mobility exercises this class will help you on your road to become strong in body and mind.


Check out the Timetable

Classes & PTs @ FFS Gyms - Dundrum

As of December 2023, I'll be back coaching in FFS Gym Dundrum.

Morning Classes

Join one of the many amazing morning classes over at FFS Dundrum and come say hi.

From S&C - Upper, Lower, and Total to Functional Conditioning and Metabolic Conditioning, FFS will help you reach your goals.

1:1 Personal Training

I have a limited number of 1:1 Personal Training spots in Dundrum, so get in touch with me via my Business WhatsApp or my free Discovery Call to chat through the options.

Mondays/Tuesdays/Fridays - 9am - 11:00am

Other times may available

Let's Chat

Self-Led Programmes & Resources

FREE Discovery Call - 15 minutes




This is a free 15min Discovery Call call with me to help us chat through any challenges you may be facing in your health, fitness, or fertility and how I can best help you.


We'll chat through your biggest obstacles, spot some easy wins and get you on the road to feeling nourished in your mind, body and soul.

Let's connect and discover how I can best support you in your wellness & cycle journey today.







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Workout Toolkit - Your Guide to Working Out



This toolkit contains all of the information you will need for starting out with your programme, from:

  • What equipment you might like to use,
  • Demo videos on the 5 main movement patterns and how to do them,
  • Tips on adjusting your exercise based on your energy/cycles (called the Traffic Light System),
  • How to make an exercise harder or easier.



Included when you sign up to:

- Flourish Women's Wellness Membership

- Personalised Workout & Wellness Plans

- Bespoke  1:1 Coaching Packs                                 


Coming Soon

Nourish Yourself - 6 Week Wellness & Workout Programme


My 6 Week Women's Wellbeing Programme will give you the information, practical steps, and easy to follow at-home workouts to help you priorising yourself and your goals today.   

 What You Get:

- 6 Weeks of Guided Habit Plan

- 1 x Workout Video a Week

- 1 X Yoga Video a Week

- Educational Content on each habit and area of focus to help you to understand the why behind each habit

- Printable Habit Tracker

- Digital Habit Tracker

- Nourish Yourself 32page eBook with supporting information

- And more...



Join the Waitlist - Coming November 20th

Flourish membership - Join the Waitlist


Flourish - Group Coaching for Women


This group coaching programme is designed with your long-term wellness in mind.

Through this group environment, I'll guide you through a holistic journey of sustainable habit creation that will revolutionise your energy, relationship with food and exercise, and daily vitality.

Starting in February 2024, I'll help you level up your wellbeing through Cycle Tracking, Movement, Meal Prep, and Stress Management.

What You Get:

  • Monthly Workout Plan
  • Monthly Wellness Habits
  • Private Group WhatsApp
  • Weekly Group Check-Ins
  • 1 x 60-90min Hot Seat Coaching or Workshop



From €57.50 a month*

*Minimum 3 month paying commitment, rolling subscription thereafter.

Join the Waitlist - Starting February 2024

Flourish - Group Coaching & Classes 

With this membership option, you get access to ALL of Flourish Coaching plus access to Live Online Classes and their Playback. 

Flourish Coaching - Included:

  • Monthly Workout Plan
  • Monthly Wellness Habits
  • Private Group WhatsApp
  • Weekly Group Check-Ins
  • 1 x 60-90min Hot Seat Coaching or Workshop

Extra with Flourish Classes:

  •  Weekly Online Classes
    • Yoga
    • Meditation
    • Fitness
    • Strength
  • Playback of all classes in you Workout & Yoga Libraries
  •  Bonus 1:1 Induction Call with me or another coach to take you through movement pattern basics, your goals and more.

From €97.50 a month*

*Minimum 3 month paying commitment, rolling subscription thereafter.

Join the Waitlist - Starting February 2024

1:1 Coaching


Initial Consultation


This is a single 60min Consultation Call with me to kick-start your made-for-you Workout/Wellness Programme or your bespoke 1:1 Coaching Package.

During this call, we will discuss:

  • Your movement goals
  • Your wellness goals
  • Your menstrual health goals
  • Where you are right now
  • You work schedule & routine
  • Any blocks or challenges you are facing

Together we will decide what the best next step is for you.


For the month of November, if you purchase your Initial Consultation call before November 30th, you will get your first 8 Week Programme for FREE!  Save €125

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Wellness/ Workout Programme

€125 for 8 Week Programme

This option is available to anyone after their Initial Consultation Call.

 What You Get:

  • 8 Week Done-For-You programme
  • Programmes are delivered in a Google Sheet and PDF format, with links to supporting articles or exercise demo videos.
  • 30min Coaching Call with me to be used as an accountability call or as a check-in call for your next 8 Week Programme

Bonuses: Included in your first 8 Week Programme is one of the following toolkits: Workout Toolkit, Track Your Cycle Toolkit, or Better Basics & Batch Cooking Toolkit (coming soon).


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1:1 Personal Training & Yoga


Are you looking for 1:1 Personal Training or Mobility/Yoga Coaching?

I work from a number of locations to help you to build strength, move better and feel fitter.

FFS Dundrum: I work from FFS Gyms in Dundrum Shopping centre on Monday, Tuesday and Friday mornings and lunchtimes.

Breathing Space Studios: From January 2024, I will be running 1:1 Personal Training on Monday and Wednesday afternoons.

Get in touch if you are interested in 1:1, 2:1 or 3:1 training options for strength/fitness or mobility/yoga.




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Looking for Women's Health Coaching in a Community of like-minded women?

My Women's Wellness & Workout Membership, Flourish, is the perfect environment for learning all the ways to create a happy, healthy life by working with your body, not against it.

Membership launches in 2024, join the waitlist to stay up to date

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