Women's Wellness & Wellbeing 

I'd love to invite you to explore simple, practical ways that can make you feel healthier and happier. No need for grand transformations here, just real-life solutions that fit into your everyday life.

Together, let's uncover the sweet spot of mixing the science with the sacred to support you on your path to wellbeing and holistic health.


Self-Led Resources

FREE Discovery Call - 15 minutes


This is a free 15min Discovery Call call with me to help us chat through any challenges you may be facing in your health, fitness, or fertility and how I can best help you.

We'll chat through your biggest obstacles, spot some easy wins and get you on the road to feeling nourished in your mind, body and soul.

Let's connect and discover how I can best support you in your wellness & cycle journey today.









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Free Resource - Wellbeing Self-Evaluation


Download this free Wellbeing Self-Evaluation Tool to see how you fare across the Four Pillars of Women's Wellbeing.

Awareness is the first step in making lifestyle changes and this printable self-assessment tool will help you to reflect on where you are right now and where you want to go with your health and wellbeing.

Get some practical tips and suggestions about small changes that you could make today.       









Download the Free Self-Assessment here

Nourish Your Cycle - Women's Wellness Day Retreat

Learn about The Four Pillars of Women's Wellbeing through these short educational videos, self-reflection exercises and bonus yoga/workout videos.

Dive into topics around:

  • Tracking Your Cycle: Dive deep into your hormones, understanding how they change across our live. Learn why cycle tracking is so important and how we can begin to understand our fifth vital sign.
  • Nourishing Your Body: Understand the basics of good nutrition, how to fuel your body, an alternative way to calorie counting and cover the concepts of intuitive eating.
  • Moving Your Body: Educate yourself about how exercise stresses our body, how to managing training intensity and load, and how to training intuitively/with your cycle.
  • Soothing Your Soul: Recognised the central role that stress management, taking time out and calming your central nervous system plays in prioritising your mental health.

Bonus Videos:

As this content was originally designed as a virtual day retreat, I've decided to include the original meditation, workout & restorative yoga sessions so that you can relive the experience and embody what you have learnt.

This is designed to be your one-stop-shop for learning how to be a healthy and happy human.


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Nourish Yourself - 6 Week Wellness & Workout Programme

Early Bird offer: If you sign up before the 22nd of February, you get bonus access to my Mindful Menstruation course (worth €97), which you can access and start straightaway.


My 6 Week Women's Wellbeing Programme will give you the information, practical steps, and easy to follow at-home workouts to help you priorising yourself and your goals today.   

 What You Get:

- 6 Weeks of Guided Habit Plan

- 1 x Workout Video a Week

- 1 X Yoga Video a Week

- Educational Content on each habit and area of focus to help you to understand the why behind each habit

- Printable Habit Tracker

- Digital Habit Tracker

- Nourish Yourself 32page eBook with supporting information

- And more...      





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Love Your Cycle - Bundle


This is a cycle self-care bundle designed specifically to give you the tools to connect with and love your cycle, as well empower you with education and lifestyle tips to nourish and support your menstrual cycle health.

The Bundle includes two of my products - The Mindful Menstruation Mini-Course and the Women's Wellness Day Retreat.

With the Women's Wellness Day Retreat you will:

- learn about The Four Pillars of Women's Wellbeing through these short educational videos and bonus meditation, workout & restorative yoga session and dive into topics around:

- Tracking Your Cycle

- Nourishing Your Body

- Moving Your Body

- Soothing Your Soul

The Mindful Menstruation course looks at how to understand our cycles, how they can impact our health and wellbeing, and how to live according to them and not against them.

The course includes yoga and meditation sessions, which are catered to the "seasons" of our bodies, as well as information and guidance on how to implement them into our lives and live according to our cycles.



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Flourish Membership - Join The Waitlist

Flourish - Group Coaching for Women


This group coaching programme is designed with your long-term wellness in mind.

Through this group environment, I'll guide you through a holistic journey of sustainable habit creation that will revolutionise your energy, relationship with food and exercise, and daily vitality.

Starting in April 2024, I'll help you level up your wellbeing through Cycle Tracking, Movement, Meal Prep, and Stress Management.

What You Get:

  • Monthly Workout Plan
  • Monthly Wellness Habits
  • Private Group WhatsApp
  • Weekly Group Check-Ins
  • 1 x 60-90min Hot Seat Coaching or Workshop



From €57.50 a month*

*Minimum 3 month paying commitment, rolling subscription thereafter.

Join The Waitlist - Starting April 2024

Flourish - Group Coaching & Classes 

With this membership option, you get access to ALL of Flourish Coaching plus access to Live Online Classes and their Playback. 

Flourish Coaching - Included:

  • Monthly Workout Plan
  • Monthly Wellness Habits
  • Private Group WhatsApp
  • Weekly Group Check-Ins
  • 1 x 60-90min Hot Seat Coaching or Workshop

Extra with Flourish Classes:

  •  Weekly Online Classes
    • Yoga
    • Meditation
    • Fitness
    • Strength
  • Playback of all classes in you Workout & Yoga Libraries
  •  Bonus 1:1 Induction Call with me or another coach to take you through movement pattern basics, your goals and more.

From €97.50 a month*

*Minimum 3 month paying commitment, rolling subscription thereafter.

Join The Waitlist - Starting April 2024

1:1 Coaching

360 Health Assessment


This is a single 60min Consultation Call with me to kick-start your made-for-you Workout/Wellness Programme or your bespoke 1:1 Coaching Package.

During this call, we will discuss:

  • Your movement goals
  • Your wellness goals
  • Your menstrual health goals
  • Where you are right now
  • You work schedule & routine
  • Any blocks or challenges you are facing

Together we will decide what the best next step is for you.

This initial assessment call acts as a deposit for the 3 Month Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching/Fertility Awareness Package or gives you 25% off your first 8 Week Programme.

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Wellness/ Workout Programme

€125 for 8 Week Programme

This option is available to anyone after their Initial Consultation Call.

 What You Get:

  • 8 Week Done-For-You programme
  • Programmes are delivered in a Google Sheet and PDF format, with links to supporting articles or exercise demo videos.
  • 30min Coaching Call with me to be used as an accountability call or as a check-in call for your next 8 Week Programme

Bonuses: Included in your first 8 Week Programme is one of the following toolkits: Workout Toolkit, Track Your Cycle Toolkit, or Better Basics & Batch Cooking Toolkit (coming soon).


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1:1 Bespoke Coaching Package 

€395 x 3 months (Total: €1,185)

This is a 3 Month Bespoke Personalised Coaching Package to help you achieve your goals. 

As part of this package you get: 

  • 6 x 1 hour 1:1 Coaching Calls,
  • Weekly WhatsApp Support,
  • Personalised coaching plan each month,
  • Bonus supporting resources and toolkits,
  • Discounted access to specific Mini-Courses & Memberships as needed.

Bonus: Included in this Package is access to my Habit Planners, Women's Wellness & Wellbeing Workshops, and my 3 Toolkits - Workout Toolkit, Track Your Cycle Toolkit, Better Basics & Batch Cooking Toolkit.

Let's work together to make your wellness dreams a reality.

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Want support in tracking your cycle for health or preconception?

I have a number self-paced resources along with a Bespoke 1:1 Preconception Coaching pack that focus on helping women learn how to truly understand their menstrual cycle health and create a lifestyle that supports it.

Cycle Tracking & Fertility