Yoga Sequence for Menstruation

women's wellness Mar 08, 2024

When I asked recently, what you wanted more information on and support with, many of you said “dealing with painful periods”.

So I've created a little Yoga Sequence for you to do when bleeding and feeling sore.

Do remember, that extreme period pain (known as dysmenorrhoea) isn't normal. If you are experiencing pain when bleeding that doesn't dissipate with rest, a hot water bottle and/or some over the pain medication, then I would encourage you to get that investigated.

Some potential causes of pain are:

  • Endometriosis 
  • Fibroids
  • Adenomyosis
  • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
  • or other issues with your reproductive organs (uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes) 


In the meantime, this gentle restorative Yoga Sequence will help ease pain, connect you to your womb space, and ease tension.


What to focus on:

  • Apanna- downward flow of energy
  • Womb Heart Connection
  • Avoid inversions
  • Soft belly  - create space in belly
  • Relaxing & releasing tension
  • Only gentle supported and open twists  - be mindful if conscious of painful periods for those with fibroids/endo/adeno etc
  • Conscious of relaxing in the body


1. Comfortable Kneeling on bolster or up against wall in supported butterfly, gentle ujiayi breath (2 minutes to land)


Kneeling on bolster = Pelvic support & stability

Wall supported butterfly = more space in the pelvis & lower belly and gives more support for anyone in pain/fatigue

Ujiayi breath = calming and centring breath

Image Source: Tummee Yoga


2. Heart Womb Mudra with Golden Thread Breath or Sama Vritti


If anxious golden thread breath is calming and can help with experiencing pain. Samantha vritti is calming and balancing.

3. Normal Breath + Womb Connection Guided  (4 minutes)


  • Imagine golden light is pouring from the skies/heavens into your heart space (heart chakra) growing, spilling over down into Womb space
  • This love spills down into the pelvic bowl, filling your Womb space, your ovaries, fallopian tubes (sacral chakra)
  • Golden light spills over down your your cervix (root chakra) into mother Earth deep down to the core, grounding you, feeling fully connected from heavens to the earth through your Womb space


To connect heart with womb, with earth and to shower womb space in healing, loving light. Visualization of womb can help with forming a connection to the womb space that fosters gentle positivity. The downward flow of light through the womb space supports apana vayu found in Menstruation.

4. Supported balasana/child's pose (4-6 minutes)


Deeply nourishing and grounding, you may find the gentle forward fold massaging on abdomen without compressing it too much. Can also release lower back, pelvic floor and jaw/neck. Balances endocrine system.

Image Source: Tummee Yoga


5. All fours circles & gentle cat cow (approx 6-10 Circles each way, 3-6 cat cows but move intuitively and use breath/sound as needed)


Gently massages abdominal organs, increases blood flow removing stagnation of energy and nourishes reproductive organs. Allows Feminine connection with womb space and intuitive movement. Releases any stuck emotions and tension in lower back.

Image Source: Tummee Yoga


6. Wide legged child's pose - 3 breaths


Take a moment to ground and find stillness in the body. Releases tension in lower back and Sacrum

Image Source: Tummee Yoga


7. Wide Legged Forward fold supported or with tall bolster (4-6 minutes)


Calming & quietening for CNS whilst soft through abdomen and pelvis. Nourishes reproductive organs.

Image Source: Tummee Yoga


8. Gentle Supported back bend with bolster under ribcage (4-6 minutes) *make sure to roll out of it


Feeling expansion through heart space and chest allowing emotions to flow down toward to the womb space and earth. Calms the CNS and balances immune and endocrine systems and thyroid. Opening through the lower belly and pelvis.

Image Source: Tummee Yoga


9. Supine Sacrum Circles (6-10 Circles each way - invite connection/warmth to flow from heart to womb)


Gently massages Sacrum, lower back and lower belly. Encourages circulation to reproductive organs and connects you to Womb space, sacral and root chakra.

10. Gentle Reclining twist (use bolster under knees to make sure twist isn't very strong) (3-4mins each side)


Releasing tension from lower back and hips, allows for connection with ovaries on each side.

note: if uncomfortable to twist (endo etc) invite person to come to side lying position with bolster between knees instead

Image Source: Tummee Yoga


11. Supported Supta Badhakonasa (5mins) with Brahmari Breath for first minute


Brahmari breath: deeply calming and receives anger sadness (especially for those trying to Conceive). Activates hypothalamus and pituitary glad which are the control centres of the endocrine system

Supported Reclining Butterly: opens and relaxes hips and pelvis. Releases tension and allows full surrender. Gently opens heart space too to release emotions.

12. Savasana (can remain in S.B or elevated supported savasana or season with bolster under knees) (10-15 mins)

Say a positive affirmation/Sankalp in your mind such as “I love my body and my body loves me” or “ i am healthy, whole and full of love”


Focus on breathing into wombs space, allows person to be fully supported by props, earth and release all emotions, tension and allows the practice to land in the body.

Positivity and positive mindset helps move focus away from infertility, helps create a more positive relationship with your body and womb space and helps improve the likelihood of pregnancy.

Image Source: Tummee Yoga

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