The Science & The Sacred: Episode #8 Mari Kennedy and The Celtic Wheel

podcast Oct 26, 2023

Episode #8 Mari Kennedy and The Celtic Wheel

Welcome to Episode 8 of The Science & The Sacred

In this episode, I speak to Mari Kennedy, an Irish Celtic Wisdom Weaver and founder of The Next Stage Celtic Wheel - a space of radical wisdom for contemporary women. In this episode, I speak to Mari about how the power of The Wheel showed up in her own life, how she leads from the Feminine and how we can all embrace the dance between the Masculine and the Feminine through the seasons of the year.


About Mari & The Celtic Wheel:

Mari Kennedy, a global gatherer of women, a weaver of ancient and new wisdom, founder of Next Stage Celtic Wheel, an online journey through the Celtic Festivals for modern-day medicine women.

She is a Celtic wisdom and Embodiment Guide, a mentor and a new paradigm businesswoman.

For the last 15 years, she has been coaching, mentoring, teaching, facilitating, guiding and reminding thousands of women across all 5 continents on this beautiful planet that we are forces of nature, points of sovereign power in the great family of things. She has been walking the sacred path of sovereignty for the last two decades. From an exhausted, disconnected 38-year-old “living the dream" (or should I say, “the illusion”) to a flourishing, shameless, sovereign woman spinning new realities, excited every day about the new world emerging.


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