The Science & The Sacred: Episode #6 Interview with Kitty Maguire

podcast Aug 03, 2023

Episode #6 Interview with Kitty Maguire

Welcome to Episode 6 of The Science & The Sacred

In this episode I speak to Kitty Maguire, Menstrual Mentor and space holder, about how she got into the field of Menstrual Medicine, the magic of reclaiming your Feminine Power, and the challenges of loss and grief.


About Kitty:

Kitty Maguire is a skilled space holder, who has pioneered Menstruality work in Ireland for almost 10 years. Providing therapeutic sessions, rituals and circles for women, girls and people who want to nurture a healthier embodied connection to their womb and cycles.

A leader in Ireland for reclaiming the menstrual cycle as a vital sign, a teacher, a spiritual practice through a trauma sensitive holistic approach.

Kitty also holds space for pregnancy release circles. For those in need of healing from an abortion, miscarriage or stillbirth.

Kitty has held space for thousands of people through the years. Through her comprehensive training Red Alchemy, she shares the wisdom of the cycle through the spirit, science and sacredness of Menstruality and Irish Spirituality.

Kitty’s work welcomes anyone who would like to connect, heal, understand or feel more empowered by their menstrual cycle, womb sovereignty and generational healing.

Kitty has supported many women on their journey to becoming a menstruality circle facilitator. Alchemising their pain into purpose so they can share beautiful, creative, trauma sensitive, educational or healing experiences in their communities.


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