The Science & The Sacred: Episode #3 The Four Pillars of Women's Wellbeing

podcast Jul 19, 2023

Episode #3 The Four Pillars of Women's Wellbeing

Welcome to Episode 3 of The Science & The Sacred

My first guest on The Science & The Sacred will be….me. Surprise!

In today’s episode, I cover my coaching approach : The Four Pillars of Women's Wellbeing.


  • Move Your Body - Training in an intuitive, balanced way that supports your health
  • Nourish Your Body - Intuitive eating and gentle nutrition to embrace food as your friend
  • Track Your Cycle - Understanding and supporting your Menstrual Cycle Health through tracking (from the physiological to FAM to MCA)
  • Soothe your Soul - Prioritising stress management and time for cyclical self-care/spirituality

I explain how I weave these into my coaching approach along with concepts such as  "The Big Rocks" and "Good Enough, Better, Best" as ways to allow flexibility within your wellbeing habits, which improves consistency and reduces all or nothing thinking.



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