The Four Pillars of Women's Wellbeing

women's wellness Oct 15, 2023

What is Women's Wellbeing?

Wellbeing (or well-being) is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as 

"general health and happiness"

and by as 

"a good or satisfactory condition of existence; a state characterised by health, happiness, and prosperity".

In my mind, Women's Wellbeing is a state of holistic emotional, physical and spiritual health and happiness that is specific to women. 

It is a state of existence that is deserved by all women yet few of us experience it in a sustainable way due to conditioning and expectations we experience in our lives.

For me, Women's Wellbeing is a multifaceted state that incorporates:

- Understanding your menstrual cycle and improving body literacy

- Consistent and enjoyable daily movement

- Regular strength exercise to prevent injury and promote longevity

- A balanced relationship with food that prioritises nutritionally-dense foods but allows the flexibility of eating enjoyable, social and fun foods

- Time for quiet stillness, mindfulness, and a connection to something bigger than yourself


The Four Pillars:

In my mind there are four pillars to building a solid foundation to be a happy, healthy human and they are:

- Track Your Cycle
- Nourish Your Body
- Move Your Body
- Soothe Your Soul


It's my opinion that all womb-owners can benefit from moon/cycle tracking, understanding our menstrual health, and incorporating elements of cyclical living.

Q - What can you start to track today?


Movement is so beneficial for our mental and physical health. Embrace the concept of moving to feel good and seeing exercise as a way to celebrate what your body can do, not punish it.

Q- How an you move in a way that nourishes you?


Let's break free from the diet-culture narrative. Recognise that our bodies need food and nourishment. 

Q - How can you honour your hunger and nourish yourself today?


We live in a hectic world that is ever-connected. It can be hard to find time to press pause. 

Q- How can you carve out time for self-care and restorative activities to help with stress management?

How are your Four Pillars?

Would you like to find out how you fare across the Four Pillars? Download my Free Self-Assessment Tool and get ideas on how to prioritise different pillars in your life.

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