Bleeding on Your Holidays

cycle tracking Jul 31, 2021
Tips for Bleeding on your Holiday


We’ve all been there…


That ‘uh-oh’ Moment


We've all been there; we are out for a hike or lying on the beach with no bathroom in sight and we feel something. That moment of "uh oh" pops into our head.* 

It may not be everyone's favourite thing but sometimes you are going to bleed when on your holidays. 

Periods get a bad rep: they are uncomfortable, they are an inconvenience, some even still view them as "dirty" (PSA: they are not) 

However, through tracking our cycle, embracing slowing down, learning about the emotional super powers we can get by tapping into our cycle, we can amend this narrative of our period being a burden. 


Planning For Your Period 


One of the benefits of tracking your cycle is knowing when your period is due (give or take a few days). Not everyone is going to have a cycle that works like magical clockwork, but some do. 

Regardless of your cycle regularity, tracking opens up the opportunity of having a better understanding of our body's tell-tale signs that you may be a approaching menstruation: 

  • You know you have ovulated because there were changes in your cervical mucus from dry, to moist, to slippery and back to dry. 

  • You know through tracking that you tend to get a little bloated and tired in the lead up to your period, or maybe your breasts ache a little. 

  • Maybe your hunger increases and you don't feel as social, or perhaps you start to focus in on tidying and sorting out your to do list with laser-like-precision. 

Whatever our tell tale signs are, we can connect in with our bodies to give us the heads up that we might bleed whilst away.  Although it may not be everyone's favourite thing, sometimes you are going to bleed when on your holibops.



Top Tips For Bleeding On Your Holidays


Be Prepared


Have products with you, bring your tampons/pads/cup/period pants and plan for regular bathroom breaks. Have your hot water bottle and comfy clothes. 

If you use a cup there are some great portable cup cleaners out there or bring a small water bottle with you to use in public bathrooms. 

Also, did you know that there are swimming togs that you can


Going to be out for the day? 


Plan how you are going to dispose of your period products. Look up public bathrooms, plan to eat in restaurants with an indoor restroom. 

If you really will be out in the wilderness for a stretch of time, plan what you need: portable cup cleaner/water bottle, toilet paper, wipes, hand soap/sanitizer, plastic bag etc. 



Drop things off your to do list


Do you have a hike, a swim, a dinner, a tour all planned for one day? 

Space that stuff out girl. Been there done that and it ain't fun when you are trying to drop into the void. Give yourself a bigger time window to get stuff done. Embrace slowing down a little bit and try to avoid feeling too rushed. 


Take time for you


Is everyone raring to go for a big activity that doesn't float your boat at this present moment? 

Just sit it out, say no, and then enjoy curling up with your book or journal under the shade or in front of the fire. Enjoy the magical menstrual power of saying no and listening to what your body needs. 



Have a lie-in


Fully embrace the fact that your alarm clock doesn't have to blare and enjoy the slower mornings. 

I'm all about this one! 


Get someone else to drive


I haven't managed this one yet but if you can avoid the driving then do. This is particularly important for anyone who suffers with cramps or an achey back.

The last thing you want to be doing is gripping the steering wheel with a clawed grip, trying to sit upright and navigate an unfamiliar road. 


What about turning it into a positive? 


Giving yourself permission


As you can see there are ways that we can set ourselves up to take the sting out of bleeding whilst away on holidays. 

But what if you could turn it into a positive? I invite you to play around with this idea and see if there is even a small window of opportunity for you to sink into and indulge yourself in bleeding whilst away.

The last time I went away, I bled. I decided to try to accept and embrace it.  I gave myself permission to move at a slower pace, be that little bit more anti-social, and rest. It was a much more pleasant experience.



My favourite activities to do when bleeding


Here is a list of my favourite holiday activities for when I am bleeding? Why not write up a list of things you could do to add  to your experience of bleeding whilst away? 

☆ Sunbathing - with some good old shade nearby 

☆ Reading - get lost in a book

☆ Sea swims - nothing is as cleansing and immersive as going for a sea swim

☆ Napping - enough said 

☆ Grabbing a coffee & watching the world go by

☆ Curling up with a glass of wine for a good natter

☆ Dropping into a local yoga class or doing one online

I hope you find this food for thought and give you some inspiration on how you might bring some self-care and slowness into your next period away.


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