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women's wellness Oct 06, 2021
Go with the Flow Coaching


Yesterday was a New Moon. It was also Day 2 of my cycle.


Now, I won’t pretend like I know a lot about moon cycles and astrology but I do know that new moons, just like the start of your cycle, are for setting intentions and dreaming big.


My Mission & Vision


Over the past year, I have been fine-tuning my goals, my vision and what my focus is for Go With The Flow Coaching and here it is.


My mission is to help everyday women feel good in themselves - mind, body & soul


My vision is to create a space where all women can come and learn how to connect with their bodies, nourish their bodies and souls and feel at ease with themselves, free from the pressures of perfectionism and diet culture.


The Core Concepts of Go With The Flow Coaching


Regardless of where you are in your life and reproductive cycle, you will be able to find support through my key areas:

  • Move Your Body - On-Demand Workouts & Mobility Classes

  • Nourish Your Body - Gentle Nutrition & Habit Coaching

  • Track Your Cycle - Fertility Awareness & Cycle Coaching

  • Soothe Your Soul - Meditations, Yoga & Mindfulness



I’ll also be launching Expand Your Mind where you will be able to find courses, workshops and guest speakers discussing all things women’s health.

I want to create an environment and community that is a mix of Yin & Yang, The Feminine & The Masculine and ultimately be about balance in life.

If you are curious as to how I got to this place, read the transformation of Go With The Flow Coaching below.



The Yang - Driving The Masculine


When I began my journey to becoming a Women’s Movement & Menstrual Cycle Coach, I started out as a personal trainer. I worked in a gym that was about performance, getting strong and feeling the best that you could be. I saw understanding your hormones and menstrual cycle as a cool new way to get the most out of your training, to optimise your performance and ‘hack’ your body.




I wanted to work with teams, athletes and women who trained seriously to educate them on how the female body worked and this was my main focus.

I still very much believe that this is an important area and one that is growing, but not fast enough. There are so many incredible women and research teams working in this space, such as Dr. Stacy Sims, FitrWoman, Wild AI, Period of The Period and The Female Athlete Pod. More and more athletes are speaking out about their own experiences of menstrual cycle disturbance or RED-S and highlighting the importance of proper nutrition and smart training programmes to support your cycle. 

It was an area that blew my mind and got a fire going in my belly yet, I found myself asking the question: Is this my sole purpose? 

Health and wellbeing are so much more than just performance and training. I felt myself drawn to learning more about other areas, ones that spoke more about balance, recovery, and connecting with our bodies.


The Yin - Awakening The Feminine


I was drawn to Menstrual Cycle Awareness, Yoga & Energy Work, Fertility Awareness, Intuitive Eating & Stress Management.

I discovered this whole other side of menstrual cycle health that went beyond performance and “bio-hacking” your body.



It was the ability to tune into, listen to and trust what your body needed and any given moment. 

It was a skill that I was working hard at cultivating in myself, through years of therapy to overcome an eating disorder, practicing intuitive eating and gentle nutrition in my day-to-day life and rekindling my love of ‘the spiritual’ ( oh hey there energy work/yoga/nature). 

I saw more and more cycle awareness moving into the world of yoga and I was inspired but, again, I still felt that there was something missing in the narrative. Were women learning the basics of cycle tracking to advocate for their health? Were they learning the benefits of learning to listen to their hunger signals or know why protein is important? 


The Sweet Spot


The more I worked with women, coaching them on their overall wellbeing and menstrual cycle health, I realised that what many of us needed was a return to basics.

We have all become so disconnected with our bodies; we rely on wearable tech to tell us how much we have moved, how rested we are, when we were "fertile" and how much to eat. I truly believe that what we need is to come back to ourselves, to break free of the diet culture brainwashing and learn to tap into what our bodies are telling us.

There is a time for training hard, there is a time for resting, there is a time for planning a meal and a time for eating on the fly. There is a time for meditation and a time for understanding how our hormones work. Ideally, we would intuitively know when we need to pull certain tools out of our toolboxes but so many of us are missing half the tools or only have a screwdriver when we need a saw.




My Dream: Helping Women Find Their Flow


Throughout my journey of learning more about women's health I found myself asking: Where do women like me fit into the picture? Those who like to workout but also tap into the subtle energies of The Feminine?

This is what I want to create. A space for women - from young women, to mothers, to women going through perimenopause - to come and learn how to find their flow. I want to teach women that we don't always have to grind through life, trying to fit into this dress or that bikini, stressing over having perfect health and only eating organic foods.

I want to create a unique environment where a woman can learn how to gauge what style of training she needs and be readily able to access the workout or yoga session she needs. My dream is to create a platform that acts as a pocket-guide for her to feel good in herself- body, mind, and spirit.

This space is for all the women out there who are like me, they want a little of this and a little of that but really and truly want to learn to cut through the bullshit of perfectionism and diet culture and find balance in themselves.


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