3 Reasons I Move My Body

exercise Jan 25, 2024

There are many reasons, but these are three that resonate the most:

TO FEEL STRONG IN MY BODY - there is nothing like lifting something heavy or doing something you didn't think you could do to make you feel strong inside and out.

Why: Strong heart, strong bones, strong muscles, and strong mind.

TO FEEL CALM IN MY MIND - whether it is a walk with friends, a hike in nature or being social in the gym, I do it as much for my mental health as for my physical.

Why: Connection, community, mental health, and time for me.

TO FEEL ONE WITH MY BREATH - our breath is everything. It is life giving and the control centre of our nervous system. I love moving with my breath, either on the mat, on a machine or under a barbell.

Why: Control, connection, and central nervous system regulation.

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