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Your new self-paced Cacao Ceremony & Meditation Bundle to bring you from burnt-out to balanced and bliss.

Are you ready to awaken your inner Goddess and carve out sacred time time for self-nurturing and self-care?

Then let's get started.

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Are you a busy mum, working professional, or simply someone seeking personal growth on your terms?

I understand the demands of a modern, fast-paced life, and that's why I'm excited to bring you the Sacred Ceremony Bundle - a Cacao Ceremony & Meditation Mini-Course that you can customise to your own schedule, making it perfect for those who prefer self-paced learning and flexibility.

Through this flexible course you will discover :

  • The history, health-benefits and energetic uses of cacao,
  • How to choose your ceremonial-grade cacao,
  • Guidance on creating the perfect cup of cacao with recipe suggestions,
  • Self-guided ceremonies embracing the power of four Divine Goddesses - Lakshmi, Inanna, Lilith, & Hestia,
  • A library of sacred playlists curated by me, allowing you to choose between a short, medium or long meditation.
Unlock Your Sacred Ceremony Bundle today

Embark on a transformative and heart-opening journey of  self-discovery :

Module 1: Welcome to The Course

Get an overview of what's in store and learn a little bit more about me, your host and guide.

Here you'll be able purchase premium cacao, incense, and  journals, as well as book my online 1:1 Reiki & Oracle Card Guidance sessions for a truly immersive journey.

Module 2: Uncover The Magic of Cacao

Explore its ancient history, the incredible health benefits it offers, and the unique energetic properties that make it a potent tool for self-discovery.

Learn why choosing ceremonial-grade cacao is essential to your journey.


Module 3: Make the Perfect Cup of Cacao

Create the perfect cacao whenever it suits you. You'll discover how to energetically cleanse your cacao block, choose the ideal dosage for your needs, and explore a range of delectable cacao recipes.

Understand the common contraindications to ensure you choose the correct amount for you.

Module 4: Create Your Sacred Space

I'll guide you on how to set up a personalised altar and sacred space that resonates with your unique energy.

You'll gain insights into when and how to conduct your ceremonies, especially around the Moon Cycle and Celtic Calendar.

I'll provide valuable tips on getting started with meditation if you are new to it.

Module 5: Sacred Ceremonies for You

Immerse yourself in four transformative self-guided ceremonies and women's circles, each focusing on the energy of a different goddess - Lakshmi, Inanna, Lilith, and Hestia.

These pre-recorded women's circles provide you with the structure and guidance of a curated ceremony, complete with journal prompts around abundance, self-discovery, desire and inner sanctuary.

Module 6: Sacred Playlists for You

Enhance your self-paced sacred practice with a collection of specially curated ceremony and meditation playlists created by me.

You'll be able to tailor your experience to your mood and schedule, whether you have a few minutes or a few hours to dedicate to your inner growth.

Choose from playlists less than 1hr, 1-1.5hrs or 1.5-3 hrs.

Start your ceremonial journey today

Meet the creator

Sinéad Brophy

Women's Wellbeing & Menstrual Cycle Coach

I truly believe that to become a healthy, happy human we need to blend the Science with the sacred.

Having gone through my own journey of being disconnected from my body, burnt-out and struggling with my mental health, I am passionate about women discovering their true inner strenght and balance.

Embark on your own transformation journey

Awaken your Inner Goddess

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