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Go With Flow clients are requested to accept responsibility for their personal, medical and physical condition in order to take part in any activities, including but not limited to Cacao Ceremonies, Yoga/Fitness/Meditation Classes, Training Programme and Nutrition/Lifestyle Coaching.

In ticking and signing this waiver, I acknowledge that I have volunteered to participate (whether I do or not in fact participate) in drinking cacao, intuitive movement, and/or yoga. The possibility of certain unusual changes during or following cacao drinking, yoga or exercise does exist; for example, disorders of the heart beat and very rare instances of heart attack or death. To my knowledge I do not have any limiting physical condition or disability, which would preclude an exercise program or I have acquired the necessary sign off from my GP/healthcare provider to participate.

In ticking and signing this waiver, I acknowledge that all of the information provided here is purely for educational and entertainment purposes. I understand that there are contraindications to cacao drinking, breath work and meditation and I accept sole responsibility for my doing this. I am aware that recipes provided are general recommendations and it is my own responsibilyy. to chose the correct dose and recipes that suit me (eg. if I have allergies or intolerances).

I acknowledge that the information provided on nutrition, women’s health, meditation or other such health & wellbeing information is general health and behavioural advice that can help me achieve my goals. This information is provided for informational and coaching purposes only and is a result of the experience and research of Sinead Brophy and is not intended as a substitute for the advice of a GP, Doctor or healthcare provider. I understand that this information is not to be used for diagnosing or treating any health problem or disease. I agree to always speak to my healthcare provider or pharmacist before taking any supplementation or changing my diet, particularly if (but limited to) if I am on any medication, have a specific health issue or am pregnant/breastfeed.

I have been and/or am hereby informed of the need to undergo a physician’s examination prior to my application for engaging with Go With The Flow services/ceremonies/classes. I have recently undergone such an examination or refuse to do so. In declining to undergo an examination, I acknowledge that I accept complete responsibility for my health and well-being in all and any voluntary exercise, fitness, yoga & meditation classes, cacao ceremonies, exercise videos and/or nutrition and behavioural habits. I hereby acknowledge and agree that I will enjoy the services provided by Go With The Flow Coaching entirely at my own risk and that I will not endeavour to hold liable Go With The Flow Coaching, its staff, agents, employees, or representatives for any injury, loss, damage or expense incurred by me or on my behalf or suffered by me or on my behalf arising out of the use or enjoyment of any of the Wild Souls services, howsoever arising.

Respect & Confidentiality: I agree to keep any topics discussed or questions raised in the comments made by others confidential and respect the privacy & rights of other guests. I acknowledge there is a zero-tolerance policy for abuse or non-inclusive language/behaviour in this course.

Workout Toolkit

The Workout Toolkit consists of educational videos, which will equip you with all the main knowledge you need before you start your workout journey. It will help you learn how to do all the main movement patterns (squat, hinge, lunge, push up, row)

It will also have handouts on Glossary of common workout terms, useful equipment to have at home, how to make exercises easier or hard (eg. How to regress and progress to find the right level for you) with examples for the 6 main movement patterns listed above.

The product is a stand alone, but can also be bought alongside a workout programme and you will get it for free as a bonus when you sign up to a 1:1 Coaching Pack with me or as part of a Personalised Workout Programme.